The little Things

  The smell of freshly brewed coffee. The smell of spring. The smell of summer rain. The smell of pine, while walking through the forest. Rays of sun falling onto my face. The feeling of cold air meeting my face in the winter time. The feeling of rain or snow touching my skin. The feeling … More The little Things

The Sun (Writing Prompt #14) Part Three

Violette stepped slowly inside the house. The temperature was slightly higher than outside. Her heartbeat still rang in her ears, beating violently. “Hello? Maggie? Robert? Are you here?” Hopelessly, she looked around. The light of her lantern fell ghostly on the ragged furniture around her. There was no trace of the elderly married couple. Maybe … More The Sun (Writing Prompt #14) Part Three


Staring in the distance. Laugh or cry? Stand up and run or lay down? Sit through this or fight against it? All these questions and still no action. What kind of feeling is this? Is there a feeling? Weeks melting into one moment. Floating. Wake up. Go to work. Try to give your body some … More Distance